Professional Profile

Understanding and analyzing client system setups/stacks to gauge vunerabilities to Data Privacy is what I do for a living. This includes rapidly learning what applications do and their role to the company. I understand developers today are expected to be cross-functional and build taking things from different areas of the web and leverage modern tools, because at the end what matters the most is the product. Having tried a plethora of solutions through the years, I believe I can adapt to your needs.

A Computer Science Engineer and current Technical Consultant with over 2 years of experience in the Data Privacy field conducting comprehensive privacy assessments with stakeholders, implementing automated data governance tools, and ensuring compliance with global regulations for multiple Forbes Top 100 MEA clients. Core competencies include expertise in Data Governance tools, optimizing AWS infrastructure, developing web apps on GIT, tinkering with APIs, effectively communicating complex technical details through tailored presentations, manuals, and reports. Proven ability to collaborate cross-functionally to analyze privacy risks, identify technical controls, and develop roadmaps to compliance. Also a certified ISO27001 and ISO27701 Lead Auditor and Implementer and Certified Data Protection Officer.

Work Experience

Associate Technical Consultant - Governace, Risk & Compliance : Data Privacy

Paramount Computer Systems LLC, Dubai (Hybrid), October 2022 - Present

  • Privacy Technical Assessments:
    Worked across 6+ projects, carried Technical Assessments of applications to understand architecture, pinpoint data flow, privacy vulnerabilities, risks and proposed effective controls to mitigate identified risks. Lead technical assessment interviews with IT, Network & infrastructure heads and prepared TA reports for 100+ applications for a KSA-based conglomerate and 14 applications for a Qatar-Based banking client. Assisted with technical assessments for clients in the automotive, BFSI and IT industry.
  • Data Governance Automation Tool Implementation:
    Effectively deployed privacy tool modules, encompassing Assessment Automation (PIAs), Data Subject Rights (DSRs), Cookie and Consent Management, Privacy Notice, Data Mapping, Incident Management for vendors for clients(BFSI, Pharma, IT, Auto) on-site in KSA, and remotely. Certified partner for vendors, OneTrust, BigID and provided ongoing post-implementation support for previous clients.
  • Deliverables:
    Created technical proposals for RFPs/RFQs. Created BRDs, vendor tool manuals, detailed reports on technical assessments, and MoMs. Collabrated with functional consultants on GAP assessment reports, evidence mapping, regulatory mapping against GDPR, UAE PDPL, Qatar PDPL, Qatar FIFA Cybersecurity Framework, KSA PDPL, NDMO, DIFC & AGDM regulatory frameworks. Reviewed client Cookie, Data Breach, Privacy policies. Prepared and conducted Kick-Off, Training, PDPO presentations as per client guidelines.

Salesforce Developer Intern

Novigo Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Mangalore, Aug 2021 - Oct 2021

  • Salesforce Application:
    Got familiar and learned to manage Salesforce Objects, handle fields and relationships, work with Flow, manage Big Objects and platform APIs, and develop an e-commerce application using Apex and Visualforce pages 23% more efficient than an existing implementation.

SDE Intern

Scafe Branding, Kannur, May 2018 - May 2021

  • Cloud Administration:
    Aided in reducing Amazon Web Services (AWS) hosting costs by rightsizing EC2 instances. Analyzed S3 usage and migrated a portion of client documents with uncommon access to S3 Glacier. Suggested implementing Responsive Images and employing CloudFlare as a CDN which resulted in a 60% increase in site performance, while significantly reducing costs incurred by about 35%.
  • Virtual Tours:
    Handled client requests for creating and hosting scalable immersive virtual experiences, and successfully did so by using marzipano.js, 360-degree photography, and numerous design tools.
  • Website Development:
    Proactively took steps to create solutions to accept sensitive data from users and implemented a form in PHP while using crypto-js, jQuery, and JavaScript to facilitate encryption of data on the client.


P. A. College of Engineering (NBA Accredited, Affiliated to VTU, Belgaum)

Bachelor of Engineering - Computer Sciecne, Mangalore, Aug 2018 - July 2022

Courses: Operating Systems, Data Structures, Computer Organization and Architecture, Software Engineering, Object Oriented Concepts, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Networking, Hadoop, Big Data Pipeline, Data Mining & Warehousing

Indian School Muscat

CBSE, Muscat

Skills Summary

  • Languages:
    Python, PHP, C, JavaScript, SQL, Apex
  • Tools/Frameworks:
    GIT, Jenkins, MySQL, SVN, DynamoDB, NodeJS, Docker, Nginx, Cloudflare, Qdrant, Langchain
  • Platforms:
    AWS, Web, Microsoft Windows, Salesforce, Linux, Google Cloud Platform, Securiti, OneTrust, BigId
  • Spoken Languages:
    English (Native), Hindi (Proficient), Malayalam (Native)
  • Visa Info: USA B1/B2 till 2032, Oman Residence till March 2026


Privacy GPT

Privacy GPT

LLM, AI, Vector DB, WebApp - September 2023

Created a custom knowledge AI Chat WebApp trained on Data Privacy laws in MENA. Uses persistent cloud vector databse to store embeddings for better quality recall and dynamic querying.
Tech: Python, OpenAI API, Langchain, Streamlit, AWS EC2, QdrantDB, Nginx, HTML/CSS


CReDReP - Censorship Resistant Decentralized Review Platform

Blockchain, Ethereum Smart Contracts - May 2022

Created a decentralized alternative for conventional review platforms on web3 using blockchain technology and distributed protocols. Selected and sponsored by 45th Seminar and Exhibition Engineering Projects Compendium hosted by Karnataka State Council for Science and Technology (KSCST) .
Tech: Solidity, NodeJS, Truffle Suite, Ganache, ReactJS

Spotify Embed

Spotify Embed

API Handling, Image Processing, Web Development - June 2020

Challenged myself to create a solution to display live track information from Spotify as an image without client side script execution. Accomplished using PHP GD-Images library and Google App Engine.
Tech: PHP, Spotify API, JSON, GCloud


ISO/IEC 27001:2022 Lead Implementer - Quality Austria — CQI — IRCA Certified (April 2024)

ISO/IEC 27001:2022 Lead Auditor - Bureau Veritas — CQI — IRCA Certified (May 2023)

Certified Chief Data Protection Officer - BRIT CERTIFICATIONS AND ASSESSMENTS


Securiti Advanced - Securiti (January 2023)

BigID - Technical Consultant (December 2023)

OneTrust Certified Privacy Professional - OneTrust (January 2023)

Google IT Support Professional Specialization - Google (October, 2020)


Travel Junkie, Photography (Sony Fan, Expirementing with 360 these days), and an unlicensed FPV drone technician and electronics tinkerer. I like Expirementing with web resources all the time, and that's why this particular section of my website is hosted on, a new serverless cloud native solution. Experimentation is the best form of learning to me, and I look forward to talking to you!

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